CEO and owner

Name: Hanne Kurås Karlsen

Born in Oslo

Clinical psychologist  (D.E.S.S., University of Poitiers, France, 2001) – broad experience from the public sector with assessment and treatment of different forms and degrees of mental illnesses (addictions and psychosis included).

At the moment I work in a general outpatient clinic for mental illnesses in a Norwegian University Hospital, running in parallel to that a private practice  – Cultrix International AS, since 2014.

I do have consultations with children, youngsters, couples and families, but most of my clients are adults who I am treating on an individual basis.

Studies of business administration (B.B.A., University of Greifswald, Germany/Hedmark Campus Norway, 2006) with several years of experience with career counselling, recruitment and sales of staff solutions.

Experienced language instructor with a pedagogical education (D.A.F., University of Greifswald, Germany, 2006).

I lived, studied and worked many years abroad (Germany and France), picking up useful cultural and linguistic tools, strengthening my faculty of seeing things from different perspectives, and learning how to take into consideration the footprint of a given context.

Altogether, my background explains and is explained by my genuine interest for people and systems, along with my international profile.