Kjære DEG.

Since 2014, Cultrix International AS has provided psychology and coaching services to private individuals and companies in 4 languages (English, German, French and German). I have an international profile, as I have lived abroad for a long time, gained solid language and cultural knowledge, and have boath Norwegian an foreign partners.

Are you struggling with mental health issues like anxiety or depression?

Do you want to develop further, function better in private and at work, and simply get more out of your life and existence?

Then it might be good to have someone to support and motivate you, and help you sort, and show your way.

If this sounds like something to you, you are most welcome to me and my company

I offer:

  • Assessment and treatment of mental illness of variyng serverity (including psychosis and intoxication and addiction problems)
  • Professional assistance in coping with easier and/or limited life problems/crises
  • Tailor-made help to develop yourself personally and/or professionally, improve yourself and others, become more effective and achieve your goals and dreams.


Psychologist authorized under the Act of 2 July 1999 No. 64 on health personnel section 53, cf. section 48. In addition to my job in the specialist health service, I have run my own private practice since 2014, and have gained extensive experience in investigating and treating of mental disorders of various types and severity.


I have developed my own coaching method Psychological Therapeutic Coaching, based on knowledge of psychological processes and mechanisms, in combination with coaching techniques.


I offer psychodynamic psychotherapy of shorter and longer duration and intensity, tailored to your needs and opportunities. I am currently in a specialization course in clinical adult psychology at the Institute of Psychotherapy. I also use cognitive techniques and methods, and am a supporter of metacognitive approaches.


Sexuality is a very important part of our mental health. Despite this, it is rarely themed and given the space it deserves.

In my opinion, we have a lot to go on here, and have a strong belief that if we make full use of the potential that lies here, many will experience a significantly increased quality of life.

My life philosophy

It would have been nice if we had more lives after this, but don’t want to take the risk. It is now that we are alive, and nothing to wait for to have a good time. When you think about it, why should you feel one more day that you are not able to use your resources and enjoy life to the full? The time you wait is time you lose and never get back.

With me, you and / or your organizations / companies get to:

– deal with psychology-related challenges and problems

– see opportunities and make use of them

Working on this gives my life invaluable meaning and content!

Are you:

  • An artist/a profiled person
  • Leader (any kind of level)
  • Highly sensitive and/or gifted

you are in my “special target group”

If you feel that you do not belong to one of these groups, it does not in any way mean that you cannot get help from me! I am interested in people and systems in all possible “shapes” (form and condition), and have broad expertise.

You are most welcome to contact us and we will definitely find out about it together.

Best regards

Hanne Kurås Karlsen

CEO – Cultrix International AS